U kunt bij ons voor alles terecht: one-stop-shopping. We doen alles in eigen beheer met intern opgeleide mensen vanuit één locatie in Moerdijk. Dat bespaart u tijd en geld. Een deel van het traject aan ons uitbesteden kan ook.

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U wilt uw containers met vloeibare chemicaliën en koelgassen moeiteloos vervoeren. Wij hebben jarenlange ervaring en regelen alles voor u. Het efficiëntst ...

Opslag en handeling van tankcontainers

Opslag en handeling van tankcontainers

De opslag van uw goederen gebeurt in onze modere containerterminal in Moerdijk. Wij hebben ruimte voor +/- 2500 teu ...

Verwarmen van tankcontainers

Verwarmen van tankcontainers

In onze containerterminal hebben we een heating bay voor ongevaarlijke en de meest gevaarlijke stoffen.

New Services added: heating of acrylic acid & storage of waste

COVID-19 update

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New Services added: heating of acrylic acid & storage of waste

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our services by obtaining a permit for intermediate storage of ISO-tanks containing waste materials in bulk.
This enables us to serve customers with a demand for intermediate storage of their waste products and completes our abiltity to transport waste in bulk.

Furthermore, we would like to share with you, that we are currently running trials on a brand new installation that was especially designed to heat Acrylic Acid in the safest way possible.
Acrylic Acid is a product with a very small margin between the desired temperature and the point of polymerisation, for that reason regular heating by means of steam or hot-water is considered unsafe.
The installation is expected to be up and running in a few weeks from now.

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COVID-19 update

Dear valued Relation,

Frans de Wit Group has implemented a protocol in which the governments advice to work as much at home as possible to mitigate the risk of further spreading of the virus, was adopted.
The ultimate goal is to keep the business going as usual but if, despite the fact that test runs were successful, any inconvenience occurs, please let us know.

As part of measures taken, please take note of the following temporary measures for visitors to our sites.

A visit to our site from an external person must be absolutely necessary (ie. For the purpose of dropping off or collecting tanks, surveying etc.)
If there is a suspicion that a visiting person has symptoms belonging to COVID-19 (fever, raspatory issues, coughs, sore throat, diarrhea) the visiting person will be asked to leave our premises straigt away and will be advised to contact a GP.

We will keep on following the developments around COVID-19 and will keep you updated if anything changes.

Teamleaders and leadership will remain at your full disposal in case of any question or the need of additional information.

Yours sincerely,
L. de Wit

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