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01 04


We are pleased to announce that Boasso Global has completed the acquisition of Frans de Wit International B.V., Moerdijk Tankcontainer B.V., Red Dot Services B.V. and Moerdijk Tankcontainer Trading B.V., collectively referred to as Frans de Wit.

Headquartered in Moerdijk, The Netherlands, Frans de Wit is a leading ISO tank services and trucking provider. Frans de Wit offers ISO tank repair & maintenance, storage, and other depot related services as well as an experienced fleet of 44 drivers providing ISO tank transportation in The Netherlands and other EU markets.

This strategic acquisition expands our service offerings in The Netherlands and surrounding markets through an increased driver base, the ability to provide loaded storage (~3,000 tank storage capacity of laden & empty tanks across 2 depots), and the addition of two repair & maintenance shops, one of which specializes in gas ISO tanks. Frans de Wit’s depots are located near the growing Port of Moerdijk and while also able to comfortably service Europe’s two most active ports, Port of Antwerp

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01 04

Moerdijk Tankcontainer Repair receives Depot Excellence Award 2020

We are proud to announce that EXSIF WORLDWIDE has recently expressed it's appreciation for the dedictation and partnership of our subsidiary company Moerdijk Tankcontainer Repair (also known as MTR) while taking care of the periodic testing, maintenance and repair of their ISO tanks.

Building partnerships is one of the core values of our group of companies and has proven to be successful even in challenging times like these.

We would like to return the favor and express our appreciation for this value partner of ours.

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23 10

New Services added: heating of acrylic acid & storage of waste

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our services by obtaining a permit for intermediate storage of ISO-tanks containing waste materials in bulk.
This enables us to serve customers with a demand for intermediate storage of their waste products and completes our abiltity to transport waste in bulk.

Furthermore, we would like to share with you, that we are currently running trials on a brand new installation that was especially designed to heat Acrylic Acid in the safest way possible.
Acrylic Acid is a product with a very small margin between the desired temperature and the point of polymerisation, for that reason regular heating by means of steam or hot-water is considered unsafe.
The installation is expected to be up and running in a few weeks from now.

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13 03

COVID-19 update

Dear valued Relation,

Frans de Wit Group has implemented a protocol in which the governments advice to work as much at home as possible to mitigate the risk of further spreading of the virus, was adopted.
The ultimate goal is to keep the business going as usual but if, despite the fact that test runs were successful, any inconvenience occurs, please let us know.

As part of measures taken, please take note of the following temporary measures for visitors to our sites.

A visit to our site from an external person must be absolutely necessary (ie. For the purpose of dropping off or collecting tanks, surveying etc.)
If there is a suspicion that a visiting person has symptoms belonging to COVID-19 (fever, raspatory issues, coughs, sore throat, diarrhea) the visiting person will be asked to leave our premises straigt away and will be advised to contact a GP.

We will keep on following the developments around COVID-19 and will keep you updated if anything changes.

Teamleaders and leadership will remain at your full disposal in case of any question or the need of additional information.

Yours sincerely,
L. de Wit

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06 09

New corporate film

It is with pride that we present our new corporate movie.

Feel free to have a look and see what we can do for you.

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22 02

Red Dot Services bvba acquired by Frans de Wit International B.V.

Moerdijk-based Frans de Wit International B.V. has acquired the Belgian company Red Dot Services bvba. Red Dot Services bvba is a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics Provider), specialising in freight forwarding and shipping of chemicals and gases in ISO tank containers, with a focus on traffic between Asia and Europe. Red Dot Services was founded by Inge Karlberg in 2007 and now retired. The company’s mission is to assist its customers with their logistics requirements involved in the import and export of their freight. Red Dot Services will retain its company name and its site in Antwerp. For the time being, former CEO of Red Dot Services, Steve Govers, will continue to be involved to ensure a smooth transfer.

Expansion of the forwarding and shipping activities
Lars de Wit, CEO of Frans de Wit International B.V.: “By means of these new forwarding and shipping activities, we have expanded our range of services further still. This means that we can now be of service to our customers not only in Europe, but also in Asia. This is an extension of our one-stop-shop concept, where all services fit together seamlessly and reinforce one another.

Cooperation and synergy
Steve Govers, former CEO of Red Dot Services bvba: “Based on our cooperation, I am convinced that the synergy that exists between the two companies will be strengthened by this acquisition. As Frans de Wit has its own forwarding services, the logistics process will be much more efficient and faster for our customers. This means that the rapid service customers of Red Dot Services are accustomed to will be safeguarded.

Brigitta van der Sloot, who has been working at Frans de Wit International B.V. for quite some time now, is your new single point of contact for customers and suppliers. More information and contact details: href="">, + 32 (0) 244 18 38.

Contact and more information:
Brigitta van der Sloot
T: + 32 (0) 244 18 38
E: href="">

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17 07

Expension of Container depot for loaded tank containers

Currently, Frans de Wit Int. BV is realizing an expansion of it's depot.
The depot is specialized in storing ISO tank containers that contain all sorts of hazardous cargo and the expansion is driven by the increasing demand for storage capacity and will be finshed by the end of Juli 2018

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